Sleep Token – This Place Will Become Your Tomb

Sleep Token - This Place Will Become Your Tomb

Sleep Token – This Place Will Become Your Tomb
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The anonymous British collective Sleep Token come back with a new LP
This Place Will Become Your Tomb.

Compared to the previous album, Sundowning, the music production has improved a lot.
The composition is much more introspective and tends to create a mood that pervades the entire album, instead of the search for the single melody or refrain that captures the listener.

The voice of the singer VESSEL,
prophet of SLEEP, he always remains the central fulcrum of the band, as well as his always poignant, surprising, dreamy and never banal interpretations, thanks also to the complicity of the choirs, vocal echoes and Auto-Tune manipulation.

There are also songs that will stay in your head and hopefully in your soul for days on end such as ALKALINE and THE LOVE YOU WANT (beautiful) and the classic post metal core djent guitar riffs to make you headbanging.

She’s not acid nor alkaline
Caught between black and white
Not quite either day or night
She’s perfectly misaligned
I’m caught up in her design
And how it connects to mine
I see in a different light
The object of my desire


You lie an inch apart
On your own continuum
Now keep the freakshow talk
To a careful minimum

I’ll find a different harbor
To lay my anchor in
You’ll find a different way
To keep from setting sail again

But I’m still full of the love you want
Still waking up beneath it all
And I’m still full of the love you want
I reach for you on faith alone


Sleep Token confirms itself as a band shrouded in mystery, as their future and the paths they will travel remain uncertain.

It is certainly a recommended listening, as well as letting yourself be carried away in the maze of the dream stories of the ancient divinity SLEEP, told with unique taste by VESSEL and SLEEP TOKEN.

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by ricci

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