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Tired of not knowing what to listen to?
Tired of always repeating the same musical selection? Quiet!
Playlists.Rocks is the right place to be, with our playlists and music suggestions.

On Playlists.Rocks you can find musical suggestions suited to your mood, your days, or your most intense and special moments in your life.

PLAYLISTS FOR LISTEN rock, indie, grunge, metal, progressive, alternative music, postrock,
dark ambient, hardcore, trip-hop, musica italiana.

All our playlists are created using the Spotify .
Some playlist are on YouTube too!

Start immediately with our suggestions clicking on: Music Suggestion .

Can’t find the one that’s right for you or do you want to share your playlist with others?
Contact me! Or send me the link of your playlist and I will add it to the music selection on the site.

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by ricci


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    Uncle Peppino
    This is fucking cool!????❤️
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    auntie Betty
    You're right!

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