Aisles – MegalomaniaMusic Suggestion Aisles – Megalomania is the new EP for the six-piece progressive rock band originally from Santiago, Chile.It contains the 3 singles released waiting for the new LP in the 2022. The band combines different styles between rock, progressive, fusion and Latin music. This EP is the latest release after the acclaimed concept album HAWAII (2016): a

Music Suggestion with Liquid Tension Experiment 3. After more than 10 years the L.T.E. come back with their latest studio work. Tony Levin (bass), John Petrucci (guitars), Jordan Rudess (keyboards) and Mike Portnoy (drums) release billions of notes, musical scales and tempo changes in an established and essential mix for lovers of the previous episodes and all lovers of progressive

River Blues Playlist Let yourself be carried away by the River Blues. Playlist featuring the most successful modern artists and their best blues interpretations from fusion, pop, folk, to hard rock contaminations. B.B. King – The Thrill Is GoneEric Clapton – Riding with the KingThe Derek Trucks Band – Down In the FloodBuddy Guy – Damn Right, I’ve Got the

Polyphia is an instrumental band based in Dallas, that mixes various musical genres such as progressive rock, fusion, pop, hip-hop with an amazing instrumental technique and unique and captivating melodies. This Music Suggestion will make you stay with your ears open. Metal Injection wrote in their review of Polyphia‘ s Muse album: “Basically, if you’re looking for some really great

Jinjer – Micro Ukrainian metal act Jinjer release this EP in January 2019. 5 songs where you can find all the Jinjer repertoire: aggressiveness, instrumental technique, nu / death metal, rap, social criticism, well structured melodic vocal lines.Listen Teacher, Teacher! and Perennial to believe.You can’t ask for more from a metal EP! Hiromi feat. Anthony Jackson, Simon Phillips – Alive