Daniela Pes – Spira

Daniela Pes - Spira

Daniela Pes – Spira
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Spira: third person singular of the Italian verb to expire (“Spirare“): to exhale one’s last breath, to give up one’s soul, to die (emphasizing the moment of passing away).

The part of a spiral or helix described during one revolution around the pole of the spiral or the axis of the helix.

For a shell: made in a snail, a spiral.

Daniela Pes – Spira: it opens the door to a dreamlike journey of the soul.

Daniela Pes is born from the lands of Gallura.
Folk singer, musician, elusive of any musical labels, published her first studio album “Spira“, full of electronics and references to traditional singing.

Spira is a precious work of just over 38 minutes in length.
A confession of the soul between drone sounds, whispers and Arab vocals.

The disc opens with the drone of song Ca Mira: Middle Eastern vocals and a crescendo reminiscent of Hans Zimmer on Interstellar. Instrumental loop and folk nursery rhyme trance.

The rhythm of the percussion, the electronic loops and the soulful chorus of Illa Sera, lead us to the first single release Carme (poem): here the interpretation is visceral and as a songwriter of the best traditional Italian song.

The whispered words, sighs and songs of Daniela continue and tell their story. Up to the last song of this initiatory journey: A Te Sola (To You Alone). A piece of over 10 minutes, which begins with the strings of a distant guitar, up to an epic final crescendo, of archaic and esoteric ritual.

The entire LP is sung, whispered and spoken in an imaginary language of her invention: a mix between her dialect of origin, Italian and the words that come from the bowels of her soul and from the blood that beats in her heart.

A piece of work to be listened to several times, in silence.
By the light of a candle or a dim light. Until you are enchanted by the stupendous interpretation of Daniela Pes, on this journey of her soul.

by ricci

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