Brother Hawk – The Dreamer

Brother Hawk - The Dreamer

Brother Hawk – The Dreamer
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Dreams are the only place
That I can be with you
Where that ocean opens up
and let’s me in
I can still feel it all when I’m awake
A vagabond of dreams led by love wave to wave
I won’t let our song ever fade away
But I can’t stay

Brother Hawk – The Dreamer

Brother Hawk with The Dreamer unleashes an honest work, a musical dream that flows into an ocean of hope.

Crossed by chance on the net, the band from Atlanta was a pleasant discovery, supported also by the wonderful live covers of Nutshell and Fell On Black Days.

The Dreamer is a 2023 album written to remember and honor the figure of a father who passed away in 2017. Who was an effective member of the band.

The proposed music is a blues rock, with southern roots, contaminated by the alternative rock scene and by the grunge of the 90s.

The vocal melodies are always loaded with bright and beautiful passages. It can recall Steve Wonder and Glenn Hughes in the calmer moments.
Always faithfully accompanied by the dripping notes of the Rhodes piano, the harmonica and the guitars riffs and solos, that open the deserted road to the dream: destination the dreamlike ocean where you can meet your loved one, now disappeared.

Brother Hawk – Like Water

Brother Hawk – The Dreamer

Also noteworthy is the interpretation of the rhythm session, always punctual and never over the top where not necessary.
But at the same time ready to shake the soul in moments of greatest pathos and crescendos.

The Dreamer is an enjoyable piece of work, that won’t make anyone turn their noses upside down.
It’ s definitely one of the albums to listen to in this 2023.

Brother Hawk – The Dreamer (Full Album)
Brother Hawk – The Dreamer (Full Album)

I also invite you to listen to two masterpiece interpretations of two legendary songs, such as Nutshell by Alice In Chains and Fell On Black Days by Soundgarden. Absolute brilliant!

by ricci

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