God Is An Astronaut – Somnia

God Is An Astronaut - Somnia

God Is An Astronaut – Somnia
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God Is An Astronaut – Somnia is a fascinating and ethereal reinterpretation of some of their best songs

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From the Latin somnia = dream… somniare – Active imperative verb
[somnium], somnii
neuter noun II declension
1 dream
2 (figuratively) fantasy, reverie, chimera, illusion
3 sleep

God Is An AstronautSomnia offers an ambient “reworks/remasters” of some of the band best songs.

The Irish post-rock combo, now on the scene for twenty years, strip themselves of any sonic violence that characterizes their songwriting, for the creation of dreamy soundscapes, suspended in time and in the presence of a dark sky, illuminated only by the dim light of distant constellations.

In their interstellar dream journey, the four from Glen of the Downs meet one of the holy trinity of UK music, namely Brian Eno (the other two are Robert Fripp and David Byrne).

The tracks are stripped of any rhythmic outline, without a precise spatial definition, like a dreamlike flow that recalls the past life of the proposed songs, through sound echoes and dreamlike relaxed soundscapes.

A record to listen to for taking a peaceful mind rest. Definitely super recommended for sleeping and accessing your dream reality. A pleasant journey into the darkest corners of one’s being.

God Is An Astronaut are a 4 piece band who hail from Glen of the Downs, Ireland.”
Torsten Kinsella – Guitar, Piano/Synths
Niels Kinsella – Bass,
Lloyd Hanney – Drums
Jamie Dean – Piano/Synths, Guitar

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