Dispirited Spirits – The Redshift Blues Music Suggestion Give me your attention for this interesting music solo-project: Dispirited Spirits – The Redshift Blues Indigo Dias, 19-year-old Portuguese inspired by astronomy and the universe, plays, arranges, mixes and produces (DIY) The Redshift Blues: an amazing and beautiful piece of work. A progressive record with mastery mixes different musical genres such as

This time Music Suggestion with KoMaRa and their self-titled album.(artwork by Adam Jones – TOOL) A hidden pearl in the ocean, dating back to few years ago (2015), but which cannot be missed by progressive rock, jazz and industrial fans of all ages. Three talented musicians: Pat Mastelotto, David Kollar and Paolo Raineri created a soundtrack for a thriller, noir,

Noir Variations is a reinterpretation of the theme “fiction noir” from a musical point of view. Let yourself be carried away by the notes on a stormy night, in a prostitute’s house, in a smoky jazz club or in a strange house sipping whiskey on the rocks, remembering something you forgot. Noir Variations Jazz Noir Project – Noir Crippled Black

Jinjer – Micro Ukrainian metal act Jinjer release this EP in January 2019. 5 songs where you can find all the Jinjer repertoire: aggressiveness, instrumental technique, nu / death metal, rap, social criticism, well structured melodic vocal lines.Listen Teacher, Teacher! and Perennial to believe.You can’t ask for more from a metal EP! Hiromi feat. Anthony Jackson, Simon Phillips – Alive