Music Suggestion – Jinjer – Hiromi – Simon Phillips – Chick Corea


Ukrainian metal act Jinjer release this EP in January 2019.
5 songs where you can find all the Jinjer repertoire: aggressiveness, instrumental technique,
nu / death metal, rap, social criticism, well structured melodic vocal lines.
Listen Teacher, Teacher! and Perennial to believe.
You can’t ask for more from a metal EP!

Hiromi feat. Anthony Jackson, Simon PhillipsAlive


Hiromi Uehara (上原ひろみ, born 26 March 1979) is a jazz composer and pianist born in Hamamatsu, Japan. She is known for her virtuosic technique, energetic live performances and blend of musical genres such as jazz, progressive rock, classical and fusion in her compositions.”
(from: Discodogs)

In this album from 2104, with the collaboration of the drummer Simon Phillips and Anthony Jackson on bass, she rocks your ears!

Chick Corea & Hiromi – Duet

Chick Corea & Hiromi
Chick Corea & Hiromi

The Legend Jazz Master Chick Corea walks with Hiromi in jazz, fusion and classical paths, chasing each other on scales of notes, four-hand loops, melodic openings and cadenced rhythms.
Chick Corea, artistic father, lets the Japanese pianist drive him in musical excursions and in her energetic and virtuoso eclecticism.
It was the year 2004 and Hiromi began to walk alone too and make her own steps.

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