King Buffalo – The Burden of Restlessness Music Suggestion King Buffalo is a heavy blues psychedelic trio from Rochester, N.Y. formed in 2013. The latest LP released is The Burden of Restlessness (2021). You will immediately be struck by the 70’s groove reworked with repeated notes to form sound puzzles, heavy driving riffs and fine keyboard arrangements with a restless

Leprous – Aphelion – Music Suggestion Leprous is an innovative progressive band from Norway, who released the last LP Aphelion, taking one step further in their career and discography. To start with, Lepous are not an easy band at first listen.Their compositional solutions, the use of voice and vocal lines, often tend to displace every definition . In Aphelion the

Flag Day OST – Eddie Vedder, Glen Hansard, Cat Power New Music Suggestion Excellent soundtrack for the new Sean Penn’ s film “Flag Day“.Composed by Eddie Vedder and the faithful companion of adventures Glen Hansard and by the queen of the American indie rock songwriter, Cat Power. The voice of the greatest of the Vedder sisters, Olivia, was a wonderful

Tesseract – PORTALS : New Music Suggestion UK djent – prog master Tesseract release live greatest hits PORTALS. The best of their music production in a live show without an audience recorded in December 2020 during the pandemic.In front of the cameras and in the midst of plays of light and lasers that go well with the music oscillating between

Venice May – Illusion Is Inevitable : Music Suggestion The Parisian quartet Venice May delivers an alternative rock intrinsic of dreaminess thanks to the ethereal voice of Ukraine-born Natalia Samofalova. Sound flashes of post rock by Sigur Ros and distortions of the sonic generation style Smashing Pumpkins, up to the melancholy melodic lines of Perfect Circle, and memories and echoes

Ningen Isu – Music Suggestion Ningen Isu is a Japanese heavy metal and hard rock band from Hirosaki formed in 1987. Strongly influenced by Black Sabbath, the band begins to have an international success starting from 2013 when it participates in the Ozzfest. The band sings in a Japanese dialect: Tsugaru dialectwhich allows them to give rhythm and epicity to

New Music Suggestion with Deafheaven and the new release Infinite Granite. You are the sea and nobody owns youOwns youYou are the sea and nobody owns youOwns youOwns you, owns you, owns you, owns you “Great Mass Of Color” The Californians Deafheaven are back with a new fascinating work: “Infinite Granite”. Abandoned the blackgaze influences, rocking indie passages and sound