Leprous – Aphelion

Leprous - Aphelion

Leprous – Aphelion – Music Suggestion

Leprous is an innovative progressive band from Norway, who released the last LP Aphelion, taking one step further in their career and discography.

To start with, Lepous are not an easy band at first listen.
Their compositional solutions, the use of voice and vocal lines, often tend to displace every definition .

In Aphelion the guitars are no longer predominant, but give way to electronic and atmospheric loops, but above all to the string, cello and violin sections.

The compositional and instrumental mastery of all the members of the band is indisputable,
(Baard Kolstad – drums, top class) in proposing solutions that are always original and in knowing how to weave moments full of emotions and pathos with others that are more rocking and heavy.

As well as the voice of Einar Solberg, angelic, capable of using different techniques: falsetto, vocalizations and growls.

Aphelion is a spontaneous and well done piece of work!
Listen to it several times with extreme attention in order to be captured in all its being.

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