TOP SONGS 2022Playlist Photo by Wendy Wei from Pexels Here we go again.Another year of music is gone.Playlists.Rocks offers a complex, multifaceted musical playlist of the best songs released in 2022. A musical selection divided into musical and photographic chapters, to be chosen according to your musical tastes and your mood of the day. A playlist to see and hear

Rammstein – ZeitMusic Suggestion The legendary German band is back with a new LP of industrial metal without putting a foot wrong. The Kaiser of industrial alternative metal Rammstein, with Zeit confirm to be a musical reference point far beyond the proposed musical genre. Their journey towards the end continues, playing and singing the decadence and sloppiness of the Western

Primal Scream – Live at LevitationMusic Suggestion Glasgow’s historic psychedelic band, led by Bobby Gillespie, releases a live album of their 2015 performance at LEVITATION. 9 songs for 45 minutes of music that trace the band’s career, from Screamadelica that brought them to the fore, up to XTRMNTR. There are the iconic songs of the band with Country Girl, Loaded

Music Suggestion: Black Light Burns This time a new music suggestion with an AmericanIndustrial band fronted by Wes Borland: The Black Light Burns. Two spectacular albums, “Cruel Melody” and “The Moment You Realize You’ re Going To Fall“, plus a third “Lotus Island“, to be listened as OST of Jodorowsky‘ s “The Holy Mountain“. A mixture of Rock, Industrial, Alternative

This time Music Suggestion with KoMaRa and their self-titled album.(artwork by Adam Jones – TOOL) A hidden pearl in the ocean, dating back to few years ago (2015), but which cannot be missed by progressive rock, jazz and industrial fans of all ages. Three talented musicians: Pat Mastelotto, David Kollar and Paolo Raineri created a soundtrack for a thriller, noir,

Droids playlist against annihilation, apathy, depression and seclusion. Industrial, rock, trip-hop, ambient rock electronic music, dream-pop and a shade of grey. Suggested movies to associate with: Blade Runner : I’m a Cyborg, But That’s OK :’m_a_Cyborg,_But_That’s_OK A Perfect Circle – Annihilation Skinny Puppy – Killing Game Ministry – Lay Lady Lay Mogwai – Teenage Exorcists Team Sleep &#