Cult Of Luna – The Long Road North

Cult Of Luna - The Long Road North

Cult Of Luna – The Long Road North
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Cover photo by Silvia Grav

The Swedish band continues its sludge crossing to the north to reach the peak of compositional balance and music production.

Cult Of Luna churn out a wonderful piece of work, perhaps the most complete of their career.

The sound and the songs proposed do not differ much from their usual canons, but what is most striking is the compositional skill and the balance is achieved: industrial synths, sound environmental dilatation, cinematic soundscapes, sludge guitars and lacerated screams.

The apocalyptic tension of “Cold Burn” opens with a looped drone that marks the beginning and the end of the song.

Howl, your skull is screaming
The sky darkens, visions dragged from light
Ice pierces your skin
Carving words from within
Pain moves through every vein
Frost covers figures too dim for you to see

Cold Burn

The second single entitled “Into the night” is a song by songwriter, to evolve into dark post rock illuminated by the dim light of sidereal glitters, up to its industrial sludge drift, where lost and faint dissonances resurface.

Into the night
Walk through the rain
Away from the lights
And in the distance you’re fading away
And I run
Through the night
Across the bridge
Beneath the sky

Into The Night

The collaborations with Mariam Wallentin, Colin Stentson and the Phoenix are original and to be listened to with particular attention.

A new album and a new listen not to be missed.
A must for lovers of this band and for any extreme music addicted.
An authentic masterpiece!

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