Dispirited Spirits – The Redshift Blues

Dispirited Spirits - The Redshift Blues

Dispirited Spirits – The Redshift Blues
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Give me your attention for this interesting music solo-project:
Dispirited Spirits – The Redshift Blues

Indigo Dias, 19-year-old Portuguese inspired by astronomy and the universe, plays, arranges, mixes and produces (DIY) The Redshift Blues: an amazing and beautiful piece of work. A progressive record with mastery mixes different musical genres such as jazz, rock, indie rock , post rock and emo, perfectly.

This second LP progresses on a journey into the ‘author’s inner universe, on a musical spaceship floating between galaxies, musical constellations and stardust.

The compositions flow on a spatial path of notes without tiring and never boring the listener, who enjoys this little musical gem, getting lost toward the event horizon, recalling at times the best Reign Of Kindo.

All with an emotional involvement sometimes whispered, other times spoken and even shouted.

Dispirited Spirits – Former Living Thing (Official Video)

Former living thing I see
For my life I can’t break free
From our collapsing sanctuary
Former living thing I want to
Form a leaving plan from you
From ever living foregone shades of blue

Dispirited Spirits – Former Living Thing

A homemade record, in which Indigo tells us about a hard period of his life, in a surprising way with a musical composition that proves to be already adult.

Let’s hope that in the near future, he can still made out records like this one: a pleasure to listen to.

The Redshift Blues Full Album
by ricci

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