Billy Howerdel – What Normal Was

Billy Howerdel - What Normal Was

Billy Howerdel – What Normal Was
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Billy Howerdel with What Normal Was is back on the scene with a new solo work, played and arranged with his own hands. Produced with the help of Danny Lohner who appears as a co-producer.

A work that incorporates the dark wave and dark pop sounds of the 80s and 90s, with marked references to Depeche Mode, The Cure, NIN and Talk Talk.

Billy Howerdel is known to be the founding member, guitarist, backing vocalist, songwriter, and producer for the bands A Perfect Circle and Ashes Divide.

What Normal Was is not an album that stands out for its immediacy or for its captivating melodic lines, but it will be able to attract your attention and conquer you for the dark post wave mood. Thus for the sonorous and vocal echoes that will resonate in your heads in order to want to listen again the entire LP.

The main singles published that can make you understand the landscape and the sound scenario created are Poison Flowers

Billy Howerdel Poison Flowers

These were the angels I cast out before I knew
Painted as killers and whores from stories untrue
Poached from the sideline, slide into this circus in vain
Hooked on the drama, they whisper like cocaine

Poison Flowers

And the sweet nostalgic Beautiful Mistake

Billy HowerdelBeautiful Mistake

It was a beautiful mistake
Colored by all the ghosts you hide away
New truths, new hope, new fate
With seven sins laid at your side

Beautiful Mistake

A surprising and unexpected work, for the sound solutions proposed and for the mood of the entire album. It will lead you to know even better this underestimated musician and sound architect, who passes many times behind the scenes of the musical mainstream.

Billy Howerdel

I’m sure any listener will appreciate this work in listen after listen.


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