Rammstein – Zeit

Rammstein - Zeit

Rammstein – Zeit
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The legendary German band is back with a new LP of industrial metal without putting a foot wrong.

The Kaiser of industrial alternative metal Rammstein, with Zeit confirm to be a musical reference point far beyond the proposed musical genre.

Their journey towards the end continues, playing and singing the decadence and sloppiness of the Western mentality, as well as the loss of dignity and hypocrisy of the modern individual.

The baritone Till Lindemann makes the best use of the “Sprechgesang” technique, rattling off stories and fairy tales with a perverse and violent black heart.

The inexorable passage of time opens up to the dramatic and melancholy poetics of the splendid Zeit

Warm body will soon be cold
You can’t summon the future
Do not tolerate staying
Created and destroyed at once
I lie here in your arms
Oh, could it last forever
But the time knows no mercy
The moment is already over


Second single Zick Zack outlines the black humor that has always distinguished the band, as well as the care and rehearsal in each of their music videos.

We quickly delete two ribs
And insert a tube into your lips
In the cheeks, in the forehead
Botox just into your brain

Zick Zack

Rammstein factory riff echoes in Angst reminding us of the silly fears and media terrors, personified by the Bogeyman

And we believe that to this day
The country and its people are so scared
Something bad is about to happen
Evil comes, will not go

And the fear grows in the night
Door and gates are guarded
Backs wet, hands clammy
Everyone is afraid of the Bogeyman


Musical and interpretative apex is certainly Lügen, a fairy tale that leads to a screamed and vomited confession from post metal landscape.

Lies, all lies
I lie and cheat,
I even lie to myself, nobody believes me
Nobody trusts me, not even me
Not even me


It ends with a farewell or perhaps a goodbye with almost epic music but with the hope now murdered and buried. And with an implacable death in solitude.

We hope instead that Rammstein will become immortal and always churn out new piece of works. They are always very inspired, touching, sick, violent and funny.

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