Tesseract – PORTALS

Tesseract PORTALS

Tesseract – PORTALS : New Music Suggestion

UK djentprog master Tesseract release live greatest hits PORTALS.

The best of their music production in a live show without an audience recorded in December 2020 during the pandemic.
In front of the cameras and in the midst of plays of light and lasers that go well with the music oscillating between heavy guitar riffs,
progressive poly-rhythms and ethereal and dilated moments.

The rhythmic session is superb as well as the interpretation of the singer Daniel Tompkins.
Guitars draw sound textures, just like portals to new sonic frontiers.

An essential album for the fans of the band as well as for those who want to get to know them and to get in touch with the Tessercat music experience.

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by ricci

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