Sleep Token – This Place Will Become Your TombMusic Suggestion The anonymous British collective Sleep Token come back with a new LP This Place Will Become Your Tomb. Compared to the previous album, Sundowning, the music production has improved a lot.The composition is much more introspective and tends to create a mood that pervades the entire album, instead of the

Jeff Buckley – Mystery White BoyMusic Suggestion Jeff Buckley – Mystery White Boy is a posthumous LP that collects a series of live performances in France, Australia and America between 1995 and 1996. Jeff Buckley’s voice sounds and resonates unique, inimitable and unforgettable. The band follows him very well without wanting to overdo it and always remaining in the background,

Venice May – Illusion Is Inevitable : Music Suggestion The Parisian quartet Venice May delivers an alternative rock intrinsic of dreaminess thanks to the ethereal voice of Ukraine-born Natalia Samofalova. Sound flashes of post rock by Sigur Ros and distortions of the sonic generation style Smashing Pumpkins, up to the melancholy melodic lines of Perfect Circle, and memories and echoes