Deafheaven – Infinite Granite: New Music Suggestion

Deafheaven - Infinite Granite

New Music Suggestion with Deafheaven and the new release Infinite Granite.

You are the sea and nobody owns you
Owns you
You are the sea and nobody owns you
Owns you
Owns you, owns you, owns you, owns you

“Great Mass Of Color”

The Californians Deafheaven are back with a new fascinating work: “Infinite Granite”.

Abandoned the blackgaze influences, rocking indie passages and sound explosions reminiscent of Dinosaur Jr. emerge, as the post-rock solutions of the ever-present Mogwai with the My Bloody Valentine‘ shoegaze.

The voice approaches all the proposed pieces in a different way: the screamo becomes a clean and melodic voice, with whispers and distant echoes.

Infinite Granite outlines the progression and the nature evolution of this band:
it does not disappoint and always proposes new sound paths.
Listen to several times in order to follow ’em in this new and extraordinary sonic journey.

Photo by Robin Laananen

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by ricci

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