Brother Hawk – The DreamerMusic Suggestion Dreams are the only placeThat I can be with youWhere that ocean opens upand let’s me inI can still feel it all when I’m awakeA vagabond of dreams led by love wave to waveI won’t let our song ever fade awayBut I can’t stay Brother Hawk – The Dreamer Brother Hawk with The Dreamer

Dave Gahan Soulsavers – ImposterMusic Suggestion Dave Gahan Soulsavers – Imposter is the new collaboration between the English singer-songwriter, best known as the lead singer of the electronic band Depeche Mode and Rich Machin of the Soulsavers. Gahan has carefully chosen the 12 songs that make up the tracklist of the album, to accompany listeners on a musical journey that

The Covers: the best playlist of cover songs of the entire known and unknown universe. Magical songs reinterpreted by music myths, music professors and emerging musicians. One playlist of 3 compilations for over 5 hours of dazzling music! The Covers: rediscover historical songs and your favorite songs in new personal and unforgettable versions. Vol.1 Aretha Franklin – Respect The Beatles