Aisles – Megalomania

Aisles - Megalomania

Aisles – Megalomania
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Aisles – Megalomania is the new EP for the six-piece progressive rock band originally from Santiago, Chile.
It contains the 3 singles released waiting for the new LP in the 2022.

The band combines different styles between rock, progressive, fusion and Latin music.

This EP is the latest release after the acclaimed concept album HAWAII (2016):
a listen is mandatory for all lovers of classic prog.

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The line-up features a new singer and a more modern, fresh and captivating sound as can be found in the tracks FAST and DISOBEDIENCE

Simmering in the morning sun
Summoning the loud noise
I’ve had too strong a dose of darkness
Sarah, Harry, Johnny going down
All of them forsaken by their god
I’ve never had one
None’ll ever break me


Here we’re going, faster, stronger than we were before
While life kills, days hurt,
Speed will somehow cure our pain
Can’t you see that most are lonely these days
Can’t you see we’re losing hope around here
But life’s a quest to impose our own terms, you know
That’s why we won’t negotiate
There are few chances and one life, you know
There’s a reason we’re going faster
Now with no return


The AISLES are a reality in the prog panorama to keep an eye on (videos are great)
and to listen carefully to with a special attention.

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by ricci

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