Playlist for the New Year

Playlist for the New Year

Playlist for the New Year

A friends of mine come up with a new playlist last night:
“Hey mate I have a new play for you!”
It was a kind of weird thing, usually he not listen music but just talk show and tv.

I felt untoward to deal with, but I was curios at the same time: “Let me have a look”. Surprise of surprises he had put on a studied playlist with famous and not famous songs and some not very radio.

Listening the playlist, I found that was very funny and almost dance – the opposite of his serious and detached personality.

I certainly wasn’t expecting Bruce Springsteen‘s High Hopes

Coming from the city, coming from the wild
I see a breathless army breaking like a cloud
They’re gonna smother love, they’re gonna shoot your hopes
Before the meek inherit they’ll learn to hate themselves
Give me help, give me strength
Give a soul a night of fearless sleep
Give me love, give me peace
Don’t you know these days you pay for everything
Got high hopes

High Hopes

Or EditorsA Ton of Love.

Taken by force
Twist of fate
Well what weighs more
Down on your plate
A ton of love
A ton of hate
We’re waiting for
A chance of, chance of, chance of

A Ton of Love

There is music full of hope, good humor, sometimes full of love for life. Catchy songs and some complex ones, but all very pleasant.

This morning I wrote him a message asking if he had composed the playlist under hallucinogens or if it was not his own meal.

He kindly sent me to fuck off wishing me a happy new year.

Welcome back dear new old pal! Welcome back dear new old year! Happy new year to everyone.

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P.S. – the cover photo is mine.

by ricci

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