Listening to Emma Ruth Rundle ‘s latest single Blooms of Oblivion, a thrilling interpretation, I realized that she is one of the most underrated artists of the current alternative music scene.

Judas, come close to me, visit in visions
Tell me the story of how
You swing like an actor in the greyest of gardens
Your tongue hanging free from you mouth
Down at the methadone clinic we waited
Hoping to take home your cure
The curdling cowards, the crackle of china
You say that it’s making you pure

Blooms of Oblivion

So those artists that I have always considered undervalued and who deserved more audience and commercial success came back to mind.

Such as the masters and progenitors of prog metal Fates Warning and the British TesseracT melodic and captivating prog metal djent band.

Then we can list two pioneer groups in their respective musical genres and musical contamination such as the Suicidal Tendecies and the Voivod.

We cannot fail to mention the Canadians Black Mountain with their hard rock 70s style with always well done musical compositions.

We can also mention Hangman ‘s Chair as a new promise and new way for the doom and stoner rock

and a magnificent album like Fear Is on Our Side by I Love You But I Chosen Darkness
post punk dark wave revival top class.

Hang on the falling edge of the reason
Everyone is upside-down and inside-out
Your bed is missing, the keys are gone.
In a perfect world,
The perfect place is with you.
Under delicate breath…
In a perfect world, where perfect place is with you
The truth is, the world is without love,
In a perfect world, the perfect place is with you
The truth is, the world is without love.
In a perfect world, the perfect place is with you
The truth is, the world is without love,
In a perfect world, where perfect place is with you
The truth is, the world is without…

According To Plan

Then the ethereal and angelic voice of the dredg Gavin Hayes and their catchy melodies, as well as the unforgettable ugula of Mlny Parsonz, voice of Royal Thunder, powerful, scratchy voice, with gashes and high-pitched vocals, like a thunder in the open sky.

That body was drained slow
The fifty pills in the wall
You were never really innocent
But you were given the gun
That body was drained slow
And you were never around
You were never really innocent
That was your life like a losing wall
It lose you now
You couldn’t tell that what they want is you
When you’re losing so

April Showers

And finally the intimate compositions and the sanguine and visceral interpretation of
Emma Ruth Rundle.

In the end, I hope that you discover some bands and artists of your interest that deserve more attention and listening and that you share your underrated bands and songs. Cheers!

Underrated Playlist

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The KinksAll Day and All of the Night
King CrimsonI Talk To The Wind
JellyfishNew Mistake
Black MountainThe Hair Song
I Love You But I’ve Chosen DarknessAccording To Plan
Peach gbYou Lied
CathedralHopkins (The Witchfinder General)
Corrosion Of ConformityStonebreaker
Hangman’s ChairCold & Distant
Suicidal TendenciesCyco Vision
DredgHungover On A Tuesday
Long Distance CallingBeyond Your Limits
Pure Reason RevolutionBullitts Dominae
RishlooFeathergun in the Garden of the Sun
VoivodThe End of Dormancy
Fates WarningOne
BlanketLast Light
Royal ThunderOne Day
Emma Ruth RundleBlooms of Oblivion

by ricci

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