Stoned Sky

Stoned Sky

Stoned SkyPlaylist

Stoned Sky is a playlist for searching a missing piece, and a missing part.

Between deserts and dusty roads, let yourself be guided by the spirits of the natural world through valleys full of life and death.

Photo by Jeremy Bishop

Raise your eyes to the dripping sky, like time passing on the skin of a woman.

Lie under the universal sky, waiting for the tears following down, listening to the sighs of distant constellations, being swallowed by the giant sensory nebulae and the prayers of the stars.

Travel in the lands of the past, up to the decadent constructions of future civilizations, among the streets of cities that have been destroyed or never existed.

Photo by Miriam Espacio

Now is the time to wake up.
Put out the fire and get back inside us.

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Stoned SkyPlaylist

Black MountainTyrants
The Re-StonedThe Heather Carnival
OMCremation Ghat I
Brant BjorkJungle in the Sound
Valley of the SunEternal Forever
Stoned JesusHere Come the Robots
TruckfightersMind Control
King BuffaloBurning
The Re-StonedA Companion from the Outside
My Sleeping KarmaEphedra
The BodyBlackest Crow
MotorpsychoIn Every Dream Home (There’s a Dream of Something Else)
AsteroidTil’ Dawn
All Them WitchesAm I Going Up?
Samsara Blues ExperimentSingata (Mystic Queen)
Somali Yacht ClubBlood Leaves a Trail
Black RainbowsThe Great Design
Elephant TreeSails
All Them Witches41
ElderIm Morgengrauen

by ricci

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