Stealing Beauty [vol. 2]

Stealing Beauty [vol. 2]

Stealing Beauty [vol. 2]

I next saw you, it was at a party
Thought you was uncool, oh so flirty
I came again
You didn’t say excuse
You knew what I was doing
You looked very fine, as we were leaving

Kangaroo – This Mortal Coil

Waking up on Saturday afternoon, around 2 pm. The alcohol, the sounds, the music and the colors still kicked in your head.

Hangover ritual: lighting the first cigarette and uncorking the first beer, without saying a word, only sighing with a smile on his face.

Recovering sprawled on the sofa, playing with mirrors and wind chimes.

Laughing at the situations of the previous night, playing with pop-magic and with Socrates, the black cat. Reading, singing, dancing, making love.

I never prayed a moment in my life
Girl I’m rewarded with you
I’ve been rewarded with you
So baby let me kiss your inner thigh
Let me kiss it for you
I can kiss it for you

Heaven or Las Vegas – Cocteau Twins

Stealing Beauty [vol. 2] is the playlist for waiting for the sun to disappear over the horizon. Waiting for the night to come back. To live again.

And self-preservation rules the day no more
We must dream of promised lands and fields
That’s never fade in season
As we move towards no end
We learn to die
Red tears are shed on gray
‘Til the fearless come and the act is done

Love Live Blood – Killing Joke

Stealing Beauty [vol. 2] – Playlist

Stealing Beauty [vol. 2] – Full Playlist

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Cocteau TwinsHeaven or Las Vegas
This Mortal CoilKangaroo
my bloody valentinesometimes
Mazzy StarFade Into You
Massive AttackAngel
TrickyMakes Me Wanna Die
Aphex TwinWindowlicker
AnastasiaO, Sea, Swallow Me
Depeche ModeWalking in My Shoes
Killing JokeLove Like Blood
Sisters of MercyLucretia My Reflection
Death In VegasDirge
Dead Can DanceThe Host of Seraphim
Beth GibbonsSand River
BauhausAll We Ever Wanted Was Everything
PortisheadGlory Box

by ricci

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