Seattle Supersonics Grunge

Seattle Supersonics Grunge

Seattle Supersonics Grunge is a playlist of
Grunge Music from Washington



Seattle Supersonics Grunge is a playlist created not with the most famous songs, but with the least listened to and with some bands / collaborations as a side project plus some great songs that have become classics.



Mother Love BoneChloe Dancer / Crown Of Thorns
Temple of The DogTimes of Trouble
Jerry CantrellCut You In
Green RiverSwallow My Pride
NirvanaMolly’ s Lips
Screaming TreesNearly Lost You
Mark LaneganBorracho
SoundgardenBones of Birds
Wellwater ConspiracyLadder To The Moon
MudhoneySweet Young Thing Ain’ t Sweet No More
MelvinsHoney Bucket
TadGrease Box
Pearl JamPendulum
Chris CornellFlutter Girl
HaterFirst Time
Alice In ChainsAm I Inside
Foo FightersRazor
Eddie VedderWithout You
Mad Season / Sonic Evolution Wake Up


by ricci

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