Metallica – Load and Reload (ultimate version)


Metallica Load and Reload (ultimate version) playlist

Load and Reload are the sixth and the seventh studio albums by Metallica.

The albums were released in 1996 and 1997 moving on territories such as hard rock, southern rock, blues and alternative rock.

From the heavy metal success of the Black Album,
the “Four Horsemen” have gone to different sounds lighter and far from their usual, arousing a lot of controversy and criticism, especially by longtime fans and more linked to heavy and trash metal stereotypes.

With a current and attentive listening, you can notice a freshness of sounds that are still “alive” and a desire to explore new sonic shores and new musical solutions.

This is the idea behind this new playlist and music suggestion, cutting the less strong and inspired songs, enhancing the work and the monumental hard rock masterpiece of what could have been a single album, perhaps using a different moniker.

Here we go: Hetfield Ulrich Hammett and Newsted
Load and Realod (ultimate version)

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