Fighting Reality

Fighting Reality

Fighting Reality Playlist

After the lock down and the reality manipulation, you need good music and amazing rock playlist to cling to life and remain firm in the realities of the multiverse.

Fighting Reality was made as an official soundtrack for your day of daily battles!

Death Note

Fighting Reality Playlist

PenpalsTell Me Why
The Pretty RecklessOnly Love Can Save Me Now
(feat. Matt Cameron & Kim Thayil)
Coheed and CambriaWelcome Home
Marty FriedmanThe Perfect World
LagwagonThe Cog in the Machine
Rise AgainstBroken Dreams, Inc.
SlashWorld on Fire
The Dear HunterStuck On A Wire Out on A Fence
The DarknessBuccaneers of Hispaniola
Sister SinNailbiter
TurbonegroFuck The World
VolbeatSeal The Deal
Monster TruckDevil Don’t Care
RumspringaShak’em Loose Tonight
Black Rebel Motorcycle ClubWeight of the World
YoshikiRed Swan
Billy TalentHey Hey, My My (Into the Black)
One Bad SonPsycho Killer
InterpolThe Rover
AshLose Control
MAXIMUM THE HORMONEWhat’s up, people?!
Bad ReligionNew Dark Ages
BeatsteaksHail to the Freaks
… BenderIsolate
Backyard BabiesRoads
QueensrÿcheReal World
ACN Music.Guts


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Eternal thanks to Kentaro Miura

by ricci

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