El Diez – La Mano de Dios


Pasquale Terracciano author of the painting on canvas, made with acrylic and gold leaf,
entitled D10S, depicting Maradona

El Diez – La Mano de Dios

Diego Armando Maradona aka El Diez or La Mano de Dios was the last great romantic artist footballer of our time.

In art for his unruly life, made up of very high footballing peaks, but also of repeated mistakes in life, of self-defeating and contradictory behaviors.
A true bucolic rock star, who touched the sky with a finger or rather a hand, plunged into the hell of addictions, risen and fell again, without ever losing the affection of his fans and of the weakest and poorest people around the world who they idolized him.

I want to become the idol of the poor boys of Naples, because they are like I was in Buenos Aires.

Diego Armando Maradona

A year after his death, it was decided to tell it with this playlist, in order not to forget it and to make echo the words, the voices, the songs that he has inspired for over 40 years and the famous phrases to always effect, issued by him in the course of his life.

Yes, I fought with the Pope. I fought over it because I went to the Vatican, and I saw the golden roofs, and then I heard the Pope say that the Church cared about poor children. Then sell the roof, do something!

Diego Armando Maradona

Above all, La Mano de Dios which in the World Cup in Mexico ’86 represented the peaceful revenge of a people, of a nation, against a useless war.

La Mano de Dios

On the pitch you don’t fight with weapons, but with the ball. Anyway, no, I can’t speak English, but even if I did,
I wouldn’t speak it.

Diego Armando Maradona – June 22, 1986, before the match against England

The cinematographic transpositions of his life are famous, such as those by Kusturica: Maradona by Kusturica and that by Marco Risi Maradona, the Hand of God, from which the idea to create this playlist is inspired.

I have two dreams: the first is to play a World Cup, the second is to win it.

Diego Armando Maradona

If I was in a white dress at a wedding and a muddy balloon came along, I’d stop it from the chest without thinking about it

Diego Armando Maradona

Diego will live forever in the hearts of any human being, remembered by the murals in the poorest neighborhoods of cities and metropolises around the world, in the choirs of every stadium song and in any suburban muddy or dusty football field, where a child dreams of being able to become Diego, flying away from hunger, poverty and misery.

It doesn’t matter what you have done in your life Diego, but what you have done to ours

Maradona barrilete cósmico – Commentary by Víctor Hugo Morales

El Diez – La Mano de Dios

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Quinteto Negro La BocaMaradoneando
Sex PistolsGod Save The Queen
Los PiojosMarado
Aliento de PerroHo Visto Maradona
ExpulsadosDiego (Entregando el Corazón)
La BerisoEl Sueño del Pibe
Pampa YakuzaGloria al Diez
Club GongMaradona
La CovachaMe Pongo la 10
PrimusHave A Cigar
Pino DanieleJe So’ Pazzo
The TurtlesHappy Together
BlondieHeart Of Glass
The TrammpsDisco Inferno
Mano NegraSanta Maradona
Eric ClaptonCocaine
Banda MaradonaMaradona Blues
Peppe ServilloMaradona era meglio e pelé
Manu ChaoLa Vida Tombola
ChingonMalagueña Salerosa

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