Bizarre Grotesque Obscure

Bizarre Grotesque Obscure

Bizarre Grotesque Obscure
playlist of eccentric, brilliant and crazy artist who have changed the face of Rock with their bizarre, grotesque and obscure interpretations.

Bizarre Grotesque Obscure
Listen to it at home during your parties or barbecues with friends while drinking, screaming and shouting, ready for dancing and headbanging.

“Without deviance from normality, there can be no progress.”
Frank Zappa

Elio e Le Storie Tese
Complesso del Primo Maggio
Goran BregovicKalasnjikov
Frank ZappaStairway To Heaven
Les Claypool’ s Duo De TwangStayin’ Alive
PrimusWynona’ s Big Brown Beaver
Mr. BungleArs Moriendi
PusciferConditions of My Parole
Adrian BelewWalk Around The World
OpethThe Wilde Flowers
Faith No MoreThe World Is Yours
Life Of AgonyThis Time
Fantomas – Twin Peaks : Fire Walk with Me
The Mars VoltaCicatriz ESP
Spastic InkWord for Nerds
VoivodAstronomy Domine
RishlooDisco Biscuit
Type O NegativeEverything Dies
Marilyn MansonMan That You Fear
TomahawkCapt Midnight
Nine Inch NailsHurt

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