TOWER – Shock to the System

TOWER - Shock to the System

TOWER – Shock to the System
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TOWER is an American Hard Rock and Heavy Metal band from New York City, New York.
Formed in 2015, Shock to the System is the last LP.

An old-fashioned hard rock and heavy metal album from the late 70s and 80s, where the guitar and the powerful voice of singer Sarabeth Linden stand out.

Mrs. Linden has a voice that strikes from the first listen and is reminiscent of great singers such as Joan Jett or Janis Joplin, Big Mama Thornton or Ronnie James Dio and is always the icing on the cake on each song.

A 40 minute album that perhaps does not focus on the full potential of this band, which in previous works had made a new miracle of classic heavy metal and hard rock scream, especially the self-titled debut dated 2016.

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TOWER – Shock to the System is still a good piece of work to listen to and appreciate.
Mrs. Linden ‘s golden voice is always unique and extraordinary and alone is worth listening to any LP or song.

TOWERShock to the System – Full Album

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