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ToehiderTo Hide Her – Cover by Andrew Saltmarsh

Yesterday, late at night, I came across a video (on Youtube), which paid homage and flattered about the unique and very high voice of Micheal Mills who since 2013 appears as a singer for the Ayreon project by Arjen Anthony Lucassen.

Michael Mills is the musical mastermind behind the Toehider project, an Australian prog band ranging from progressive rock to pop, hard rock to metal and folk.

The other fundamental element of this project, besides the music, are the illustrations by the artist Andrew Saltmarsh who thus describes the Toehider as an avant-garde project:

It’s a band, a brand, an art project, a musical extravaganza … what kind of creature is it really? Consisting of myself and musician extraordinaire Micheal Mills, it is an ever evolving project of music and art that attempts to defy genres and labels and just do stuff that’s heaps good.

Andrew Saltmarsh

So in addition to the musical variety offered and the excellent vocal qualities of Michael Mills, you can admire the illustrations and works of Andrew Saltmarsh while listening to their songs, or during the artistic compositions as a unique artistic proposal.

How ​do ​ghosts ​work? ​Do ​they ​know ​the ​power ​they ​have ​over ​us?
Spinning ​days ​to ​weeks, ​yet ​years ​to ​months
Why ​bombard ​us ​with ​all ​these ​thoughts ​at ​once?
How ​do ​ghosts ​work? ​Do ​they ​know ​they ​lack ​consistency?
Do ​they ​think ​they’re ​not ​our ​enemy?
Or ​do ​they ​only ​go ​after ​men ​like ​me?
“It’s ​not ​me” ​it ​said. ​“You ​seem ​quite ​upset. ​Just ​try ​to ​forget
Oh” ​it ​said ​“I’m ​not ​anything. ​I’m ​not ​even ​here
It’s ​all ​you ​in ​there
It’s ​on ​you” ​it ​said
“It’s ​on ​you.”
“It’s ​all ​your ​fault.”
How ​do ​ghosts ​work?

How Do Ghosts Work?

Toehider is a well-structured, fun project to be discovered for both the auditory and the visual side.

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