Slow Crush – Hush

Slow Crush - Hush

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Slow Crush – Hush

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Slow Crush is a Belgian band that offers a very original sound, mixing shoegaze and ethereal vocal lines (My Bloody Valentine) with doom and heavy reverbs.

Hush is the second album dated 2021 after the successful debut dated 2018 entitled Aurora.

Aurora Full Album

The atmospheres are always dreamy, radiant and warm with cinematic connotations, in which the “soul soothing” voice by Isa Holliday counteracts the levels of noise from the guitars and distortions.

Cause I’m stray without you
Help me, don’t close in
I ache you to be
So drag me under your skin tonight
Hush, slow
Cause I’m stray without you
Under your skin, under your spell
(Always your wounds I am bearing)
I will close me eyes, fall
Wrapped up in my heart
My cold dark heart


All alone and no-one’s home
While we drift
I just want to feel again
Promise me
This weight won’t carry me
Burden bliss
This weight won’t carry me
Don’t carry me
Zeal surrounds me
Out of tune I sway along
To the rhythm of our hips
Stuck in your head
Swoon to our knees
Keep repeating
Your voice through my ears
This weight won’t carry me
Burden bliss
This weight won’t carry me
Don’t carry me


Miss the warmth you radiate
Being only seconds away
It takes time but when the pain kicks in
I feel you feel it too
I feel you sense it too
Slowly drifting away
Drifting away from you
Stealing time with our eyes
Every word when we sway
Every day in tune with you
I’m mumbling
I sing the same songs as you, softly
While I hold you


A new band definitely to be followed and listened to carefully with a dreamy soul and eyes turned towards the night sky, lying in the wilderness.

Hush Full Album

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