PFM – I Dreamed of Electric Sheep

PFM - I Dreamed of Electric Sheep

PFM – I Dreamed of Electric Sheep
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PFM with I Dreamed of Electric Sheep is releasing a new album inspired by Philip K. Dick‘s novel Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?, with guests Ian Anderson and Steve Hackett.

The old lions of progressive rock, one of the heralds of the genre on the musical scene for more than 50 years, are confronted with the consequences of technology and computerization into the human and personal sphere.

Technology is turning us into androids without imagination


… Androids dream of electric sheep as many of us who live in an immense territory of connections and data are doing … If you are in front of the computer and on social networks from morning to night, always with the phone in hand, it is clear what do you dream about electric sheep. When is it that you talk to yourself? When is it that you use your fantasy, your imagination?


LP is presented as a double album, an English version and an Italian version, featuring songs such as Worlds Beyond, a song that is prog in its purest form, the synthesis of prog from the beginning to the present day.

Worlds Beyond

Music is freedom, ranging from funky to jazz to blues and, finally, to metal. The opening track, for example, spans 200 years of music in five minutes


Kindred Soul / Il Respiro del Tempo (literally The Breath of Time) where Ian Anderson of Jethro Tull and Steve Hackett of Genesis play.

Il Respiro del Tempo

And in AtomSpace the story of a drone in love with the planet Earth is proposed, while the human race grappling with technology, turns its gaze elsewhere.


The androids on our record aren’t made of metal, they’re flesh and blood. And we are noticing this drift too late, a bit like global warming…


I Dreamed of Electric Sheep is an album that makes you listen and that makes you reflect on current issues such as the knowledge of the human condition, now overwhelmed by technology and the loss of a natural identity of man, according to the vision and reflection in music made by the great Italian masters of progressive rock.

PFMHo Sognato Pecore Elettriche – Italian Version

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