Papir – 7

Papir - 7

Papir – 7
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The Copenhagen trio Papir are back with their seventh unmissable piece of work!

The Papir with 7 explore the sounds, the nuances, the fades and the temporal dilation of water.

An album that lets you float in a dreamlike aquatic world, to carry you on to a luminous and peaceful ocean.

The new LP is made up of 4 entirely instrumental compositions, which highlight the sensitivity of the trio, as well as their compositional mastery.


There is no sound, no atmosphere out of place or too much.
The music flows like calm water that proceeds slowly to reach the seal of transcendence.

I absolutely recommend listening to this little gem.
Papir – 7 requires part of your time and your total attention, if you want to savor the essence of this LP.

Certainly you will be rewarded by brilliant music, compositional sensitivity of the highest level, relaxing atmospheres and the desire to float on the surface of the water.

And above all, to find out more about this phenomenal trio!

Pair7 – Full Album

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by ricci

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