Music Suggestions – May

Brutus Nest

Second act for the Belgium power-trio Brutus .

Post-rock, hardcore, sludge and female melodic voice with a punk attitude to dance:
really strange and particular mix that have made one of the most interesting records of recent times.

Surely they will be one of the next bands to listen to live show.

The Gloaming – The Gloaming 3

The Gloaming are an Irish supergroup that offers an alternative folk stuffed with minimalist neoclassicism, post-rock-pop solutions and a wonderful wise voice that sings in the old Irish tradition (Sean-nòs)

Dreamlike atmospheres, spatial expansions and moments of reflection, punctuated by instrumental plots will lead you to a place where you have never been.

One of the best records of 2019, if not the best of 2019 (until now).

by ricci

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