MONO – Pilgrimage of the Soul

MONO - Pilgrimage of the Soul

MONO – Pilgrimage of the Soul
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Eleventh album for the Japanese band MONO in 22 years of honorable career.

MONO – Pilgrimage of the Soul presents an extension of the compositional solutions towards cinematic sound shores, which are reminiscent of the GodSpeed ​​You! Black Emperor.

Some tracks HAVEN IN A WILD FLOWERS and AND ETERNITY IN AN HOUR can be soundtracks for shorts.

Thus the use of loops and more ambient atmospheres are used to create a sort of emotional calm in order to reach the pathos, melodies, distortions and sonic emotions to which the Japanese combo has accustomed us for years. Beautiful in this sense the songs IMPERFECT THINGS as well as HOLD INFINITY IN THE PALM OF YOUR HAND.

MONO continue in their musical journey, without jolts or radical changes of direction, but always giving us soundscapes under starry skies, horizons full of emotions and pathos and final musical melodies full of hope that never is in vain.

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