Meshuggah – Immutable

Meshuggah - Immutable

Meshuggah – Immutable
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One of the legends of Swedish music and extreme metal is back with a new work.

Meshuggah with Immutable confirms themselves as constant brain-chopping and poly-rhythmic machine.

Mushaggah gave birth to a granite album, not detaching themselves from their canons. However, the interesting musical ideas come true especially in the second part of the LP, starting from the instrumental They Move Below, perhaps the most interesting track on the album.

The LP starts with the single Broken Cog, an extreme and experimental metal song, whispered, spoken, almost esoteric.

Inside, watching the core
Of whatever, we had left of our lives
The multiplications divide
We drink to quench
The thirst to come
With the bones that we left
The trap was sprung

Broken Cog

To continue with the other single released, The Abysmal Eye, where the poly rhythms and the mathematical paths stand out.

If ever there was a reason
Maintain this greatest lie
That never did we look
Into the abysmal eye

The Abysmal Eye

The rhythm sessions are always at the highest level with Tomas Haake on drums, usual and solid stainless tractor and beating heart of the Swedish combo.

Immutability is the evolution of this band which has its strengths such as experimentation, instrumental technique, the mix of various disparate musical influences, from experimental death metal to jazz.

An album to listen to at least once, to fully understand the influence that this band had in the world of extreme metal first, with over 30 years of honorable career. And then on musical contamination, with the birth of the DJENT genre as metal evolution.

Give all the well deserved awards and honors to the Swedish masters!

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