Maybeshewill – No Feeling is Final

Maybeshewill - No Feeling is Final

Maybeshewill – No Feeling is Final
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No Feeling is Final is Maybeshewill ‘s eagerly awaited return to the post rock scene after seven years.

The Leicester band come back with their classic sound, which this time turns more on reflection than on explosive impetus, where the strings play a fundamental role in all melodies and musical openings, many of which are cinematic.

The first single released is Refuturing, where you can see and listen to all the compositional mastery of the band and the final gem on the tail of the song, the dreamy and optimistic sax of Marcus Joseph.

The concept of ‘refuturing’ describes the imagining of new futures, completely removed from any previously held notion of what lies ahead.


The current drama, which afflicts society, the environment, the capitalist economic system, exacerbated by the pandemic and the consequent loss of empathy of every human being, are best represented and in full by the instrumental music of the band.

As the worst tendencies of humanity are championed by those in power; rage, fear, greed and apathy. We see every injustice, every conflict, every catastrophe flash up on our screens. We stay complacent and consume to forget our complicity in the structures and systems that sustain that behaviour. As the world teeters on the edge of disaster, we sigh and keep scrolling, the uneasy feeling in our stomachs eating away at us a little more each day.


Starting from the loops and percussion of the opening song, the drama that humanity is experiencing is very tangible in Zarah inspired by the first speech by Coventry South MP Zarah Sultana given to the English parliament.

Zarah is built around an extract from a speech by Coventry South MP Zarah Sultana. Her words encapsulate the anger and frustration felt by younger generations, being denied a say in their future by an older global elite…


Up to the folk and acoustic contaminations of Green Unpleasant Land and The Weight of Light.

The piano in Tomorrow, the final song, seems to give new hope for a new beginning, a new dawn, to be lived in close contact with the world and nature, without overwhelming and destroying them.

A very welcome and beautiful return for this band that proposes a soundtrack for our times that is dramatic and in dark colors, but with a light that is rising on the horizon.

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