Lonely Guest – Tricky

Lonely Guest - Tricky

Lonely Guest – Tricky
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Tricky is a British record producer and rapper.
Born and raised in Bristol, Adrian Nicholas Matthews Thaws is a pioneer of the Bristol trip hop scene since the second half of the 80s together with historical names such as
Massive Attack and Portished.

Lonely Guest project was born from the Tricky’ s mind,
but it is not a Tricky record.
It is an electrifying meeting of musical nonconformists, where everyone brings their own approach unique behind the otherworldly production of Tricky and recorded during the lockdown.

Known artists of the underground scene who participated in the realization of this project are Joe Talbot (frontman of IDLES), Lee ‘Scratch’ Perry, Marta (known for previous collaborations with Tricky), Kway, Paul Smith (Maximo Park), Oh Land, Breanna Barbara.

I realized with this album that it was like having space. It’s a kind of freedom. I realized I could do whatever the fuck I wanted


Sorry reverend, Jesus gets no mention
In your heaven we’re chastised, no question
I’ve peaked, I’ve peaked, now I’m seven
I got pre-war tensionWar
Saw it in your eyes
Sense it in your smile
We’re here for just a while

Pre War Tension

Catch you when you fall
See through it all
You’re like a windowpane
We’re just the same
You are now rocking with the best
Calling anyone above
You never call when I wanna go
Move me steady

Move Me

A fast and light album (25 minutes), extemporaneous and reflecting the times of the pandemic, detachment and socialization through the virtual, which presents the usual production and musical quality of Tricky.

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