Io Sono Vera – Original Soundtrack by Marlene Kuntz

Io Sono Vera - Musiche dei Marlene Kuntz

Io Sono Vera – Original Soundtrack by Marlene Kuntz
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Io Sono Vera is the latest feature film by director Beniamino Catena.

First of all, I didn’t have the chance to see the movie, but I am a longtime fan of Marlene, so listening to the OST was a must.

The sounds, the notes, the harmonies, and the melodies of the Italian alternative rock band echo and you can hear their strings composing sound landscapes.

But I was pleasantly surprised by the instrumental totality of the album and by the ambient solutions and hypnotic loops proposed.

A listening that vaguely reminded me of the splendid Mogwai soundtrack for the French TV series Les Revenants.

Too bad that the trailer is available only in Italian and Spanish

Official Trailer

We wanted to set ourselves some creative constraints – comments the band – as a result we identified which instruments we would play, which sound processors we would use and the main key of the whole work. With these “stakes” we produced sounds and atmospheres that we gradually sent to the director, while he answered us with scene photos or short video fragments. Thanks to this interchange, the musical direction was increasingly defined: for most of the pieces the sound had to be natural, in some way organic but not easily attributable to conventional musical instruments.

Marlene Kuntz on

But listening to this little instrumental jewel is a must as a musical background or in the dim light of the stars, letting yourself be caressed by Una Soffice Malinconia (A Soft Melancholy), a closing song full of hope and freedom.

Beautiful soundtrack and a highly recommended experience.

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