Igorrr – The brilliant madmen of baroquecore

Igorrr - The brilliant madmen of baroquecore

Igorrr – The brilliant madmen of baroquecore
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Igorrr is the variegated and absolutely genius musical project, led by Gautier Serre, the brilliant madmen of baroquecore. Gautier is a French composer, producer, and multi-instrumentalist.

The proposed music is a potpourri of various musical genres which includes death and black metal, heavy metal, progressive, classical music, baroque music, folk and traditional music, trip hop, electronic music, and rap.

IGORRRPARPAING [feat. George Fisher]

Died all in vain, blood forever my dream
Your blood will mix and become thee again


The first listening can be unsettling. That’ s fine! The proposed sound experience is captivating and of all respect, in subsequent listening. And it can even lead to satire and musical comedy, to the point of being funny and even danceable.

Igorrr is a project expertly curated in every single note, in every single sound and noise, from the mind and heart of Gautier. From the recordings, to the mixing and production, to ensure that the different elements and musical instruments used blend in an almost perfect way.

IgorrrOpus Brain

Several guest musicians and line-up changes would not seem to have undermined the Igorrr path, from which we await a new surprising piece of work.


You must keep on eye on Whourkr and Corpo-Mente, Igorrr‘ side projects.

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No more chatter, I leave you to the extravagant musical kaleidoscope of Igorrr.

Igorrr Video Playlist

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