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Strong like an ox, bruise like a peach
Eyes like a hawk, drunk as a lord
Acts like a prick
Sick as a dog, white as a sheet
Sleep like a log, work like a charm
Lost in a dream
God damn
God damn
In spite of it all
Life is beautiful

The End

Idles CRAWLER is the fourth album by British band from Bristol.

Crawler is a concept-album comparable at a movie script.
How one can return to live “happily” after having gone through traumatic experiences, such as a car accident, an addiction, a love gone wrong, the pandemic.
How to get up after being – in fact – on all fours, for days, weeks, months, crawling.

Precise immediately, it is a work difficult to digest at first listen and that has various facets, both in terms of song lyrics and in terms of music, where you go from a sickly catchy and visceral indie rock, up to screams, post-punk and post-hardcore deliriums.

I’m not praying, baby
I’m not begging, darling
Soon as the rush went away
I need not look for a way
Damage, damage, damage

The Beachland Ballroom

The disc begins with the dark and hypnotic MTT 420 RR, a song featuring a riff by Angel from fellow citizens Massive Attack, which tells of the reflection on human frailty, born after a serious motorcycle accident in which frontman JoeTalbot was involved.

It was February
I was cold and I was high
It was February
I was cold and I was high
He looked up
He lost control
He was de-gloved
He was jelly rolled
It was February
I was cold and I was high
He wanted love
He wanted soul
There’s not enough
To make him whole

Are you ready for the storm?
Are you ready for?

MTT 420 RR

His story continues with the next 13 songs, offering flash-backs, confessions, lived situations, ups and downs that have put a strain on his physical and mental integrity.

I reflect, I tell my story, without trying to tell a story that can be valid for everyone. I’m not trying to fix the world, I’m just talking about how I’m fixing mine

Joe Talbot

At the end of his time travel, Joe yells and spits on the microphone In spite of it all Life is beautiful in the last song The End one of the best pieces of this fantastic album.

In spite of it all
Life is beautiful

The End

Joe has not given up and does not give up in the battle against himself and his past, present and future demons, giving this also a personal, social and political value.

A wonderful album, never banal, sick even in the most reflective moments, spit out, screamed out with blood and guts, in order to get up to become a better person.

An album to listen to and listen to again at any cost and at full volume!

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