Hangman’ s Chair – A Loner

Hangman' s Chair - A Loner

Hangman’ s Chair – A Loner
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The Parisian Doom Rock Hangman’ s Chair return to the scene after four years. The new album is called “A Loner“.

The difficulties of living in the suburbs of the French capital, loneliness and depression resound in the notes of every single song.

The influences of the Sisters of Mercy, Type O Negative and Life of Agony are very evident right away. But the band certainly does not lose its originality, showing the personal and unique post wave doom proposal, with dark fluorescent shades.

This is where it all started, depression. Depression comes back like an old friend, always. It crawls and slithers like Colonel Kurtz’ s nail, along the edge of a straight razor, our spine. And it survives.
‘Who Wants To Die Old’ was written at the peak of a never ending depressed state and the stage was set for the rest of the album.

Hangman’ s Chair

Vocal melodies are a fundamental part of storytelling.
Everyday life, discomfort, fears and losses blend into the background of a cold and indifference Paris. Separated by an unchanging distance from the Paris of lights and romance, from the cinematic and postcard city.

Cold and distant
I ain’t so good but it’s ok
Life goes on and
Not as good but it’s ok
Say goodbye to the night
Don’t complain in any way
That’s what they say
Say goodbye to the night

Cold & Distant

An empty loner in shabby times
Shaky, anxious, shady past
A lot of time by myself
For myself
Purple neons reflection
In a pavement puddle
Double dosing depression


We just have to listen to the stories our people have to tell. The stories of mankind, immersed and dispersed in an infinite wait, now in decline and illuminated only by the cold neon lights.

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by ricci

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