Ghost – A psychedelic Japanese myth

Ghost - A psychedelic Japanese myth

Ghost – A psychedelic Japanese myth
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Ghost was an experimental rock group formed in TokyoJapan, in 1984.

Born from the mind of Masaki Batoh not only a musical but also a spiritual leader.
The group lived a nomadic existence, drifting from ruins of ancient temples to disused subway stations around the Tokyo area.

Since the early years, they have proposed a psychedelic rock with references to traditional Japanese music, especially in the use of percussion, even if the use of western folk instruments is present.

Ghost (Ghost first album)

After several line-up changes, in the early 2000s the most complete and representative works of the band arrived, the LP HYPNOTIC UNDERWORLD and IN THE STORMY NIGHTS.

The compositions have become more complex and instrumental and the band’s musical poetic level has never been higher. Just mention pieces like PIPER, HOLY HIGH or GRISAILLE.
If not the cover / reworking of the song DOMINOES by Syd Barret.

Masaki Batoh led the band towards a hypnotic dimension, sometimes dreamlike and reflective, other times chaotic, impetuous and noisy, proposing an avant-garde, progressive, folk, psychedelic rock, reinterpreting in an absolutely original key the canons of the psychedelic rock school of the ’60 and ’70.

Ghost – A psychedelic Japanese myth was a band that deserve to be heard and that would certainly have deserved more popularity and commercial success.

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In 2014, Masaki Batoh announced that the group had disbanded after 30 years of activity.

In the same year and after solo records and musical collaborations, he founded the band
The Silence in which he proposes a rock that is always psychedelic but more colorful and electric.

The Silence – Electric Meditations LP

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Long live and prosperity to Masaki Batoh!

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