Exodus – Persona Non Grata

Exodus - Persona Non Grata

Exodus – Persona Non Grata
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The masters and pioneers of thrash metal are back with high quality piece of work, energetic, powerful, violent, with all the trappings that have always distinguished them.

From the title track the band starts at full power and at full speed, with Steve Souza ‘s acidic, malefic voice, sometimes in growl, to mark the violent sound incursions.

The guitars of Lee Altus and above all of Gary Holt, an undisputed bandleader and returning from the Slayer, are a meat grinder machine, thanks to an always precise and present rhythm section.
We go from fast riffs, typical of the trash mold, up to progressions and power trash scales, to slower and heavy episodes.

The Exodus immediately set the record straight by shouting about what they think of the current situation, slaughtering our eardrums in two epic trash rides R.E.M.F. and Slipping Into Madness

Obey the order
Charge into the breach
Battalions take up the fight
While fat ass bureaucrats far out of reach
Watch via satellite
Power politics while thousands of clicks
From the front lines
Brave men at arms
Take the bull by the horns
Winning, their bottom line
Cannon fire makes the skies glow
Brass and lead make the cash flow
Bleed and die, why, we don’t know
On behalf of all these
Rear Echelon MotherFuckers


A silent killer
Something you have never heard of
That is taking lives away so lethally
Never minding
What it is that is consumed
And with deadly consequences as the key
Nicknamed the little devil
Has the country in an epidemic state
Pharma chemists
Have now recreated it
And given it another name
The cartels, the doctors, the pharmacists
Infection, affliction, dissention
The death tolls, thе red room, sedation
Addiction plaguing the youth
Slipping into madnеss
Fire up the high
Slipping into madness
Just slip away and die

Slipping Into Madness

The album does not lose ferocity from start to finish and continues with songs that claim fresh blood such as: The Years of Death and Dying, Prescribing Horror and Clickbait, except for the acoustic and instrumental Cose del Pantano.


I am the years of death and dying
I tear with gripping teeth
I prey upon all the weary
Eliminate the weak

The Years of Death and Dying

Condemned to a life unkind
As they suffered in silence
The Hell of Thalidomide
All in the name of science
A mother’s ruin
All for another’s greed
Prescribing horror and sorrow when they breed

Prescribing Horror

We take the clickbait
Follow as they lead
With every word, they captivate
We blindly follow
Their trail like human sheep
Never awake, always asleep


With Persona Non Grata, the Exodus hit the spot, releasing an album of trash metal faithful to the line, with an aggressive, violent, powerful sound that will make you headbanging wherever you are.

A highly recommended album for any metal lover, from trash to any extreme music.

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