Emma Ruth Rundle – Engine of Hell


Emma Ruth Rundle – Engine of Hell
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Emma Ruth Rundle with Engine of Hell returns with a new LP
that will leave you stunned, impressed and astonished.

The American singer-songwriter, guitarist and visual artist, lays bare with 8 intimate, whispered, essential passages telling of herself, of the memories that echo in her soul,
of the addiction and loss of a loved one.
Finally, the finding of the new freedom.

Now I’m free drifting though Saturn’s debris
Things cut and floating through a blackness, that never seems to end
I think if I willed it, I could return home
But the warmth of the sun, it has become searing
I have a feeling that I might float here a while
Rift and directionless, that I might spin myself
But I remembered all of your lines from the living
And told them to my nearest keeper
A distant star there was laughing
Said you were funny and now were free
And now were free

In My Afterlife

The compositions of the songs are all sparse and essential, where the piano is often the main instrument, with some flash of synth or strings.
Rundle’s lips are almost always close to the mic, confessing to herself and making us participate in her personal reflection and atonement.

The interpretation despite sometimes the low whispered voice and the falsetto, always remains visceral, sanguine and stomach as if the 8 songs could represent 8 movements to find herself again.

Author of a Poor Design
No one to steady your gaze
And the things a pound of flesh can’t buy
Where have you gone to?
Where have you gone to?
To return to me?
To return again?
Return to me
Return again


Judas, come close to me, visit in visions
Tell me the story of how
You swing like an actor in the greyest of gardens
Your tongue hanging free from you mouth
Down at the methadone clinic we waited
Hoping to take home your cure
The curdling cowards, the crackle of china
You say that it’s making you pure
And just like Flowers for Algernon something’s diminished
There’s a love like you’ve never known pinned to your finish
One, two, six underfoot and you will rise
And in all of your blooms of oblivion I love you
I love you, see?

Blooms Of Oblivion

You will be able to listen to some musical and interpretative influences such as the quieter Tori Amos, the calm reflection by Joni Mitchell, but everything is reinterpreted by Rundle in her own way.

With this record asserts herself as a singer-songwriter who has nothing to envy to the aforementioned and to the most quoted currently colleagues, despite not the same vocal quality, but certainly the same interpretative quality, unique, broken, cathartic, as an indelible mark of a great songwriter.

Engine of Hell is certainly the hardest record by Emma Ruth Rundle to listen to, but certainly the most beautiful and personal, that the California native author has ever sung and played.

An LP recommended for any music lover of any genre. A record to listen to and have at any cost!

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