Blanket – Modern Escapism

Blanket - Modern Escapism

Blanket – Modern Escapism
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Modern Escapism is the new album for the British Blanket who propose a postrock with sludge elements, dreamlike and melancholic vocal lullabies.

The album presents itself with a unique sound body with dense cinematographic connotations, really impactful. There are moments of tranquility and spatial and temporal expansion too.

There are strong references to bands such as maybeshewill, PALMS, Deftones, This Will Destroy You and Sigur Rós, the latter especially in the last track Last Light, certainly the most beautiful and exciting.

Last Light

And at that
I saw glimpses brief
Of beauty
Pass me by
One last light
As I woke from my sleep
Everlasting peace
A brief escape from all of it
And I choked on my words
In a web of nerves
A blanket soft will keep us warm
When you turn either way
I’ll be there to stay
A violent hymn inside your skull
A quick blow to your head
And all the things you said
Will filter around the atmosphere

Last Light

Blanket is a project to follow made up of skilled musicians, filmmakers, designers and soundtrack artists, confirming the escapism that distinguishes them.

Hoping that they will be able to have their say in the near future, increasing the originality in the compositions and musical solutions proposed.

In the meantime, enjoy this pleasant and modern escape from everyday life.

White Noise
In Awe
Where the Light Takes Us

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