All Them Witches – Live On The Internet

All Them Witches - Live On The Internet

All Them Witches – Live On The Internet
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All Them Witches is an American rock band from Nashville.

The band has a rock-blues roots mixed with psychedelia and esoteric hard rock. The sound section where they move smoothly, groovy, and cool is gloomy, stoner, dreamlike, lysergic, and colorful.

I had only listened to a couple of songs by this band and a live session on KEXP dating a couple of years ago. My bad!

2020 found the band releasing their critically acclaimed album, Nothing As The Ideal. Due to an international pandemic, the band’s touring plans were brought to a halt. This did not stop All Them Witches from assembling in a studio to broadcast a live set for their fans.

Live On The Internet is a crazy, phenomenal live performance.
Able to introduce the band to new fans in the best way and to refresh all the songs played to longtime fans.

The 1 hour and a half live set can be easily listened to, as background music as well. Letting yourself be carried away by the musical interpretation and the well-produced and never banal music and sounds.

Enemy of my enemy
Never been a friend of me
Keep my name from awful truth
Cut my blessings from the void
Silver tapestry of noise
Chase my tail into the noose

Enemy of My Enemy

Heartbreaking, touching and unmissable the live version of “Rats In Ruins”

Found all my arrogance
Hung from the barbed wire fence
‘Cause you never gave me
A little ground
Found all my belly fire
On the concertina wire
I had to get over it
Or go underground

Rats in Ruin

A disc released digitally in March 2022, highly recommended and very beautiful. A listen not to be missed.

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