AFI – Caught – Bodies

AFI - Caught - Bodies

AFI – Caught – Bodies
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AFI shorter for A Fire Inside unveiled a previously-unreleased song Caught that was recorded during the making of LP Bodies.

Caught is a delicate dreamy ballad. It’ s featuring as music for the short movie Where We Used To Meet by Kes Glozier.

AFIWhere We Used To Meet (Official Trailer)

Hold me for a moment without a word
Of everything that we felt until you’ve heard
Every song that we have loved played to death
I will hold you for a lifetime with my breath
As we held silent
In the lightest
Rare, requited kiss
You a light and I, I abyss


AFI is an American rock band from Ukiah, California.
Born as hardcore punk band, they have since delved into many genres, starting with horror punk and following through post-hardcore and emo into alternative rock and gothic rock.

Bodies is the eleventh studio album by AFI.
The work proves to be pleasant and listenable with apt and catchy musical lines.

The Cure‘ s influence is felt throughout the album, as well as the post-punk and post-wave stylistic elements always present in the band’s compositions.

The opening track recalls the riffs of the first The Mars Volta even if the development is clearly different, towards something more AFI.

There is no shortage of more radio songs such as Dulcería, On Your Back and Looking Tragic.

AFIDulcería (Official Music Video)

It took only a single take for me to melt upon the floor
And I gave you the shakes, the shakes
It took only a single take for me to melt upon the floor
You still give me the shakes, I shake
I love you more, here on the floor
Here on the floor, I love you more
I love you more

AFIOn Your Back (Official Music Video)

Is there a feeling or just a touch?
I want to tell you but I know I’ve said too much
About the history, about the signs
You’ve opened on your thighs so they may speak your mind upon love
Show me how it’s done
With more than a scarring touch
Love, show me how it’s done
With less than a fatal rush

On Your Back
AFILooking Tragic (Official Music Video)

Wait a minute
This may be boring
Is it less than a total mess?
In a minute this may turn sour if we last
Wait a minute
You may be boring icy holes in my snowy head
Ever dry and yet warmly melting in cold beds
Everyone’s looking tragic
Looking for the new panic
Looking for a new panic in anyone
He spun light into black skyscrapers
She hid weapons beneath her dress
Wait a minute
I may be boring you to death

Looking Tragic

Bodies is a work that can be heard and listened again without any boredom and in these days, it is definitely a point in its favor.

A catchy and enjoyable LP, capable of being also as background music in the daily day, as well as in full volume on the home stereo or in the car.

AFIBodies – Full Album

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